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I just want more of this all. Give me a hundred worlds and I could explore every inch of them this way.  I really like the "garden"-ness of both scenes. I totally wish there was a jump because I just wanted to run and launch off stuff. Very cool.

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So beautiful and I love the idea and elegant implementation of the track layering. I seem to have a problem with bloom on the web version, it's so strong that it inverts the colours! Unfortunately the webGL full screen mode didn't stretch to fit my screen. Pleeeeease look into this, I would love the full experience. 

We know about the issue on the WebGL version. However, the WebGL version is only the demo due to WebGL limitations, so feel free to download Parallels <3

This absolutely floored me. I had been following it for a while and was really excited to play but I had no clue what to expect. I get that this probably isn't for everyone but the combination of gorgeous dynamic pixel art (3d models with a pixelation mask maybe?) with the interaction of the awesome player influenced music with said environment made for an awesome fifteen minute walk.