Controls - Every button and click will do something BUT DONT DO IT.

How To Play - Don't touch any buttons, no matter what and see how long you last!

Synopsis - I am aware it's not much of a game but I wanted to showcase that people would rather do something they don't want to do or shouldn't do just to cure bordeom.


Level Designer and Programmer - Sholto Tiger Collins

Earth Prelude (Audio) - Kevin MacLeod

Audio Designer - Sholto Tiger Collins

Software - Unity 2017, MagicaVoxel,  Adobe Premier Pro.


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Dont Touch Any Button - PC 22 MB
Dont Touch Any Button - OSX 36 MB


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<3<3<3 I lasted 0.69 seconds <3<3<3 This is what studio 2 is all about Tiger, awesome game. The button feels great btw