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Game Description

Crab Meat is a game where you're a hermit crab who loves its family and loves relaxing on the beach. Until one day, the King Crab comes and kidnaps your family and takes them to Atlantis! To save them, you have to steal the King Crabs crown and become the king by making your way to Atlantis from the beach by avoiding traps the King Crab had left behind.

This is an early version of the game and many things will change until the completion of the game. In this current build of Crab Meat, there are physics bugs with boulders breaking some of the puzzles if the wrong move is made. 


Project Manager

Sholto Tiger Collins

Games Programmer

Sean Visser

3D Modeller

Tristan Shaw and Sholto Tiger Collins

Level Designer

Sholto Tiger Collins

Audio Designer

Bronte Talay

Jaxon Arundell


Brayden Hill

Install instructions

Windows and Mac versions

Extract all of the files within the downloaded zip and run the .exe or .app.

Android version

Using an Android Emulator - Bluestacks

Click 'install .apk' and select CrabMeat.apk

Using an Android Device

Plug the Android device into your computer and put a copy of the CrabMeat.apk on the files somewhere. Go to the file browser on the Android device and find the CrabMeat.apk and select install.


Crab Meat - Android 29 MB
Crab Meat - OS X 58 MB
Crab Meat - Windows 7+ 19 MB

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